What Kind of Deck?

Look at one of the finer tile decks on a home. With the better jobs, you will notice that the surface is entirely level. How did they do that and still have drainage? After all any outdoor flooring will collect rainwater fast if there is no slope to a drain of some sort. How is it that this one neighbor has a perfectly flat, secure tile floor on their deck? There is a simple answer.

One of the most innovative and novel techniques for transforming a deck or patio into an even better deck or patio is to use adjustable deck supports. This makes so much sense due to the fact that the ground below a deck is not even and, when a deck is built over an existing slab, the slab is not level either since it is sloped for drainage.

adjustable deck supports

The drainage surface below the deck is very important. It still needs to be there and there is no good reason to tear up the existing slab unless the drainage just does not work at all anymore. Before the final deck is installed, it is important to check and see just how stable the slab is too. Once that has been determined, the supports can start going out.

Now you may be wondering how these supports can, in fact, support the deck you want to build. That is just the thing. When you are using these adjustable supports, you do not have to build a deck. It already is the raised deck. Basically, your work is done except for finishing.

The material upon which you will be laying your outdoor tile is a rough and durable mesh which locks perfectly into the supports of various heights. The result is a perfectly level floor that is perfectly suited for setting tile upon.