Fire Screened by Decoration

When you look at a fire in the fireplace, you want to be able to see it clearly but something is missing. It does need to have a fire screen in front of it. Would that not block the view a bit? Might it be too plain to match the vibrant fire? If this is the case, you will want to consider finding a fire screen with decorative, even fine artistic touch.

This would be the kind of fancy decorative fire screen you might expect to see in a movie. In fact, you do see them in movies. Basically, they are iron screens, much like the ordinary ones but they are cut custom with brilliant designs carved in. For example, the art may look like flames but you can see the real flames through the screen art.

This usually works best for gas fireplaces. When it comes to the wood-burning variety of fireplaces, the screen will feature the standard safety mesh to prevent any untoward accidents from burning forth. Overall, no matter what type of fire you want to burn in the cold season, enjoy it with some fine fireplace art that adds a personal home accent.

Choose from many different designs when you find a good vendor online. There should be some good options which do appeal to your tastes. The screens can either stand on their own or be cut to fit your fireplace. Pick whichever you like the best. If you want to get more than one screen just to mix it up a bit, go for it.

decorative fire screen

Some houses even have more than one fireplace. Though this is rare, you will want to get screens for both. When you have fires safely secured behind a decorative screen, not only do you need no concern for fire safety, you can also enjoy the ambiance of fire art.